Tata Sky Broadband 1 Gbps Plan Installation and Review


4 Aug 2019
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Hello guys, this is my review about Tata Sky's 1 Gbps FTTH service. I will try to add as much info as possible about my setup.

Installation: It was normal FTTH installation like any other.


I asked the installation guy to put Nokia ONU model G-2425G-A into bridge mode. The guy called up their backend team and I got a call and the engineer walked me through the process. Easy.

I am using 2 x Asus RT-AX88U for router and mesh purposes.


Connect WAN port of RT-AX88U to LAN1 port of Nokia ONU. On RT-AX88U, under WAN, select PPPoE option and enter username, passwords and google DNS. Now you are ready to rock.


Some Maths:
Cost: Rs. 29736 for 12 months Incl. 18% GST (30% Discount Navratri offer)
This comes to Rs. 2478 per month. For me personally, this price is acceptable for 1 Gbps speed.

Compare this with Jio
Cost: Rs. 56625 for 13 months Incl. 18% GST (Rs. 4355 per month)

Even though, you will get OTT benefits, almost double cost of Jio plan is a Joke.


Real World download test:

Some thoughts on daily browsing and usage:
I cannot tell increased speed compared to 300 Mbps plan. 300 Mbps, 500 Mbps and 1000 Mbps plans feel same during browsing. Maybe sites I am visiting are not optimized for high speed connections.

Upload speeds are terrible and don't go over 150 Mbps for any speedtest servers out of India
Eg. Singapore

Why Tata Sky restricts upload speeds is beyond me.

IPv4 is behind CG-NAT but thankfully, free static IPv6 is provided on request.
Hence, I immediately enabled IPv6 static and all the devices on my network receive publicly accessible IPv6 address which I can access from WAN after adding IP exception in my Asus Router's firewall. Remote desktop becomes ease. You can also get a free AAAA hostname for your static IPv6 from noip.com for free.


Now you can access your static IP computer/device via it's domain name eg. onlytech123.ddns.net:3389 where 3389 is remote desktop port added as exception in your router's firewall. If your router does not have IPv6 firewall, then adding exception step is not needed. CCTV cameras can also be accessed this way. No need to remember long IPv6 address. Free noip service will ask you to re-reserve your domain every 30 days but I am on paid service which is cheap.

Xbox connectivity says NAT Open for me. Since I mostly play Forza Horizon games, this is what matters for me. As game servers merge slowly to IPv6 based networks, CG-NAT will become a non-issue. I don't do torrents so no clue about speeds there. However, I have read that having public IPv6 (static or dynamic) will allow you to connect with more South Ease Asian, Russian and EU peers who are IPv6 only.

So there goes:
  • Great download speeds using download manager like IDM. Almost always hit 900-950 Mbps
  • Less sites blocking compared to Jio but use GoodbyeDPI from github for unblocking using nottl option.
  • Significantly cheaper than competition even without discount offers. Right now 20% discount offer on 1 Gbps is going on if you call up Customer Care.
  • Correct static IPv6 implementation. Your static IPv6 changes only if you format Windows.
  • Can set up their ONU into Bridge mode and take total control of your connection with your own router.
  • Four months old connection. Zero downtime so far.

  • No OTT apps, no set top box. Just pure internet.
  • There is CG-NAT on IPv4 so classic port forwarding is not possible.
  • You cannot get Static IPv4 even if you are willing to pay for it.
  • Poor upload speeds to sites outside India. This affects almost all Indian ISPs.
  • 1 Gbps speeds might not be available in all areas. You need to inquire first.

PS: Due to TCP/IP overheads, I will never get full 1024 Mbps speeds. For that, I will need an ONU which has 2.5 Gbps LAN port and router which also has 2.5 Gbps WAN port. Routers which have 2.5/10 Gbps WAN ports like Asus RT-AX89X, RT-AX86U, GT-AXE11000 are not yet available in India. Tata Sky does not have 2.5 Gbps LAN/WAN capable ONUs yet. So I will have to settle for 900-980 Mbps speeds.
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Can you please do a singe thread test on speedtest.net to various servers in India and international and post the results here?

The multi/single option is under the GO button on speedtest.net website FYI....

Back after 4 months to update this thread. So far I have seen 4 major downtimes of 3-4 hrs each. Caused problems for work from home.

Another problem is IPv6 routing to Jio is f*****. 200 ms pings to Jio’s Mumbai based IPv6. Tracert takes from Mumbai to Germany to Singapore to again in Mumbai. Peering going through Airtel because apparently Jio has denied point of entry to Tata’s IPv6 range. This is as per Tata Play’s engineer from NOC.
Thanks for the detailed walkthrough...
I moved to tata Fiber today
Got the same Nokia ONT + I have Asus ZenWiFi AX AX6600 Mesh router

1. To put in Bridge mode, you simply logged in to the Nokia ONT and changed the LAN port 1 to Bridge Mode.
Or some other setup required from the Support

2. I do get IPv6 address if I see WAN status but not sure if its static
Still using TPF 1Gbps plan since 3 years. Now they have removed my Plain Internet (Without OTT) 1 Gbps plan and added back same plan with OTT garbage for extra 5k. They have also stopped all discounts. So one has to pay 36000 + 18% GST = Rs 42,480

Only existing users of 1 Gbps plan can continue to use this plan. New users have to pay 40200 + 18% GST = Rs. 47,436
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