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R u getting...."for you" tab in Google stick...

Live channel available only usa....use vpn get this live channel easily...
Yes I get 'For you' tab
182 channels available in India on Plex app: Live TV Channels | Plex

Shemaroo Bollywood is the only Hindi channel as of now.

Another channel I found interesting is "Trace Urban". I have heard a lot about this channel. Can anyone tell me if it shows music videos or just slideshow during music like Stingray channels? If possible, please share screenshot.
Distro TV is another legal live TV app available in India

I can get the following Indian channels here in US on Distro:

1. AB Mastiii
2. Times Now Navbharat
3. Mirror Now
5. Arre Outdoors

Arre Outdoors was unknown to me before. Here is a screenshot:


EPG of Distro TV on AndroidTV:


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