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How to add ‘Expecting a Baby’ Update on Facebook Timeline?

Bapun Raz

Staff member
3 Nov 2010
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Facebook, the social network with over 955 million active users has announced a new addition to the Life Events family, which lets users add ‘Expecting a Baby’ on the timeline.
The form comprises of fields for the due date, gender of the baby, who is the parent, location and story. Users can uploaded a photo to the life event and also schedule the date when they wish the update to go live.
Moreover, the celebrations section on the Homepage will let the users see when their friends are expecting a baby.
The option of Life Events is an easy and impressive way to convey significant and memorable moments of your life such as like marriage, going to a new place or buying a house with your friends.
How to share that you are expecting a baby/had a baby?
Go to your timeline.
Click on Life Event on the Status Update tool.
Click on Family & Relationships.
Select Expecting a Baby/New Child.
Add the details you want to share and Save.
Are you expecting a baby? Or are you a new mommy or dad? Don’t wait to share it with your friends. Use the Expecting a Baby life event update and convey it impressively.
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