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OTF Exclusive Hotstar phasing out email logins, OTP logins to be mandatory to secure accounts

Bapun Raz

Staff member
3 Nov 2010
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We are here to make your account more secure. As we begin phasing out email logins, we strongly recommend you to link your mobile number with this account registered with Hotstar for future logins. To do this, please follow the link below.

Linking mobile number will log you out of all devices, so you can use this mobile number for all your future logins. We assure you it's all for a secure and seamless experience moving forward.

Why is this important?
In light of the recent events where few Hotstar accounts were found to be compromised due to data breaches on other platforms, we want you to have an unhindered entertainment experience. Linking your mobile number ensures that OTP (one-time pin) is required for authentication on every login which unlike password cannot be reused. Be rest assured, the linked mobile number will only be used for internal purposes.



News Columnist
News Columnist
11 Nov 2019
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They have started this in last 6 months or so I guess! When I had to let go of my Facebook login as I have deactivated the same, they haven't allowed to use my email to sign up, had to do it using mobile number. When asked support team they said Email sign ups had been discontinued. I think they should have gone with 2FA like amazon or Internet banking sites instead of mobile number only.
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