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3 Nov 2010
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its a article to advice all guys so please read this carefully-

I recently got a call from 858-812-9342 saying my Visa had been deactivated and to Press 1 to reactivate it, etc. I hung up and Googled the phone number. This site came up. After reading the comments here I knew it was definitely a fraud call.

A Muse News subscriber sent this to me about her phone fraud call:

“We received a phone call this evening from the Energy Research Alliance, 720-339-8304, asking if we wanted to participate in an energy SURVEY (this is how they get around the Do-Not-Call list). Normally I would hang up on these type of calls, but Jennifer, the young lady making the call, asked intelligent questions and sounded reputable. I agreed to let their survey team call me to see if we fit the “parameters” of their survey (I think the parameters are whether you have a pulse!) As I was talking to her I Googled the company and came up with some IMPORTANT information EVERYONE should know. Check out this website to learn what they are really about and then when they call “Just say NO.” They have not called me back yet, but when they do, you know what I will tell them. Some people on the site below said these people just kept calling them over and over. The solution to this problem is to call your phone company and have a block put on that number.

I’m sending this warning to every local person in my address book and I hope you do too.”

The site has good info and you may also post a comment there if you’ve received such a call. When Googling phone numbers type the whole number in – no dashes or dots. You can also Google a company name like the person above did. Then put a block on the number.

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