AST SpaceMobile reports 5G call via satellite in space


30 Apr 2011
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The company collaborated with Vodafone, AT&T, and Nokia to complete this testing phase.
The 5G call was placed on September 8, 2023, from an unmodified Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphone located near Hana, HI, in a wireless dead zone. 5G connectivity testing was completed with their partners Vodafone, AT&T and Nokia. In a separate test, the company broke its previous space-based cellular broadband data session record by achieving a download rate of approximately 14 Mbps.

That this test used an everyday Android phone is interesting. In addition to Apple, it is good to know that quite a few companies are interested in this new mode of communication.

If anyone wants to know about satellite communication via smartphones, here is a very good read. This detailed article also lists the current players who are in the process of developing/testing this feature for/on smartphones.

The indian govt will not allow any such technology in India in the name of security. I think india is becoming like north korea in this regard.
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