ACT Fibernet increases Monthly Data allowance by up to 250 GB in Hyderabad

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Internet speed, monthly rental and monthly data allowance of A-Max 425 and A-Max 675 increased

Monthly data allowance of A-Max 1050 and A-Max 1299 upgraded

ACT's broadband plan in Bengaluru now starts at Rs 959

Bengaluru based internet service provider (ISP) ACT Fibernet has revamped its broadband plans in Hyderabad to offer up to 250 GB more data and upgraded internet speed. ACT has also increased the price of two plans in Hyderabad along with the discontinuation of one plan in Bengaluru.

ACT increases Monthly Data allowance in Hyderabad

ACT has revamped its A-Max plans in Hyderabad to offer upgraded internet speed and monthly data allowance. It has also increased the price of its two plans.

PlanInternet SpeedMonthly DataMonthly RentalChange
EarlierA-Max 42525 Mbps200 GBRs 425
NowA-Max 50030 Mbps300 GBRs 500 Speed upgrade by 5 Mbps, 100 GB more data and Rs 75 Hike
EarlierA-Max 67540 Mbps400 GBRs 675
NowA-Max 70050 Mbps500 GBRs 700 Speed upgrade by 10 Mbps, 100 GB more data, and Rs 25 Hike
EarlierA-Max 1050100 Mbps750 GBRs 1050
NowA-Max 1050100 Mbps1000 GBRs 1050250 GB more data
EarlierA-Max 1299150 Mbps1000 GBRs 1299
NowA-Max 1299150 Mbps1250 GBRs 1299250 GB more data

ACT has renamed A-Max 425 to A-Max 500 with a price hike of Rs 75. The ISP has also upgraded the internet speed from 25 Mbps to 30 Mbps along with the increase in monthly data allowance from 200 GB to 300 GB. The plan now costs Rs 500.

ACT has also renamed A-Max 675 to A-Max 700 with a price hike of Rs 25. The internet speed on the plan has been upgraded from 40 Mbps to 50 Mbps with monthly data allowance increased from 400 GB to 500 GB. The plan now costs Rs 700.

It has also increased the monthly data allowance on A-Max 1050 and A-Max 1299 by up to 250 GB. The former now provides 1000 GB monthly data while the latter provides 1250 GB data. ACT has left the monthly rental and internet speed of the plans left untouched.

The move comes within weeks of Airtel making its broadband plans unlimited in Hyderabad. Airtel offers unlimited data on all of its plans in Hyderabad.

ACT Swift Plan discontinued in Bengaluru; ACT discontinues Rs 100 off connection offer

ACT has discontinued its introductory plan of Rs 685 per month in Bengaluru. ACT Swift which was available up to last month for its users Bengaluru is no longer available for subscription.

ACT’s broadband plan in Bengaluru now starts at Rs 959. ACT Rapid Plus, the cheapest plan in Bengaluru offers 350 GB monthly data at a speed of 75 Mbps with a post FUP speed of 512 kbps.

ACT Swift used to provide 200 GB of monthly data at a speed of 40 Mbps with a post FUP speed of 512 kbps. The plan was priced at Rs 685 per month.

In other news, ACT has also discontinued the Rs 100 off connection offer it was offering for new customers in Chennai, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad. The offer which was launched weeks back offered coupon code ‘ACT100’ which could be used by new customers to get the benefit of Rs. 100 off activation of the monthly plans.

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