ZEE5 Global to launch in US in FY 21

ZEE5 Global to launch in US in FY 21

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Zee Entertainment will be rolling out its over the top (OTT) platform ZEE5 Global in the United States in the current fiscal year having already expanded ZEE5 Global in priority markets in the past few months. The development was mentioned in Zee Entertainment’s annual report for FY 20 which was released recently.

ZEE5 is close to rolling out in priority markets other than the US with commercial launch in the UK, Europe, and Canada executed in the fourth quarter of FY 20.

ZEE5 already has a worldwide presence having launched in more than 190 countries in October 2018 which kicked off with the rollout in India’s neighbouring countries followed by roll-out in key SAARC markets.

ZEE5 has currently partnered with key telecom players in APAC and Middle East markets to expand its distribution reach with a strong presence in the market onboarding a number of premium advertisers.

ZEE5 is also looking to go deep into markets like Bangladesh, Middle East and Canada which has a sizeable diaspora with affinity for Indian content. ZEE5’s revenue model varies across countries depending upon the content pull, paying capacity of the customer, and competitive pricing.

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