YouTube India now has UPI payment as an option

YouTube India now has UPI payment as an option


YouTube on Wednesday added Unified Payment Interface (UPI) as a supported option for payments. Users can now add a bank account with BHIM UPI on YouTube for payment.

Users making payment on YouTube app earlier only had the option pay through credit and debit cards. Users can now use bank accounts using their UPI IDs to pay for both on YouTube Premium and YouTube Music subscriptions.

The UPI ID will be saved to the Google account of the user so that once can pay anywhere that accepts Google Pay. Users can now buy or rent their favourite movies or shows, pay for features like SuperChat, Channel memberships and purchase monthly or quarterly subscriptions using UPI IDs.

Earlier, YouTube Music had launched its personalised playlsits ‘Discover Mix’, ‘New Release Mix’ and ‘Your Mix’. YouTube has also warned of higher video takedowns as it prioritizes the well being of its employees.

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