Pinpoint from Google is now open for academic research and Workspace users

Pinpoint from Google can now be used by those using Workspace accounts or in academic research.

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Pinpoint from Google

Pinpoint, an AI tool from Google launched last year as part of the Journalist Studio has recently expanded its availability. The tool was initially restricted to journalists who had to sign up and request full access so that they can create their own collections and upload files. Pinpoint is now available to Google Workspace account and private Google accounts conducting academic research. Those seeking full access to Pinpoint are still required to provide details on their intended use case.

Pinpoint allows one to research and analyze large collections of documents in multiple languages namely English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish. The AI tool automatically identifies and organizes the most frequently mentioned people, organizations, and locations. The tool helps reporters in using Google Search and Knowledge Graph, optical character recognition, and speech-to-text technologies.

Pinpoint can be accessed by any valid Google account including a Workspace account. Normal access to Pinpoint only allows one to view shared collections whereas full access allows one to create collections and upload files. Google Workspace organization administrators may however restrict organization users from accessing Pinpoint or restrict users from uploading files stored on Workspace Drive accounts into Pinpoint.

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