Netflix is now available on Google Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max

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Netflix is rolling out on Nest smart displays globally wherever the service and Nest devices are currently available, Google said through a blog post on Tuesday.

Netflix subscribers can link their account in their Google Home or Assistant App and play Netflix movies, TV shows and documentaries by using voice commands.

They can use voice commands like, “Hey Google, play Queer Eye” to start streaming instantly, or “Hey Google, open Netflix” to scroll through select content and tap to stream the content.

They can also use the voice commands to pause, play, skip forward and Hub Max users can use Quick Gestures, which allows them to pause and resume the streaming just by looking at their device and raise their hands.

Netflix is the latest entry in the list of supported streaming services on Google’s smart displays. Hulu, CBS, SLING TV, Disney+, HBO Max, SHOWTIME, and many other apps with mobile cast option can be streamed on Google Nest.

With so many entertainment options on your Nest smart display, your biggest challenge now might just be deciding what to watch.

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