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I guess it's not the final build. Or atleast I hope it's not.
Just look at this screenshot. There are like four different types of UIs in this. 😂


I really hope it's not like this in the final build.
Installed Windows 11 using DISM tool on a VHDX and added a boot entry so that I can boot Windows 11 on a real hardware. Installed on VHD instead of making a new partition because I can just shift delete VHD like any other file or boot it on a VM via Hyper-V or I can move it to another PC and dual boot.



During OOBE, you'll have to connect to a network to proceed and there is no option to create a local account. You'll have to turn off the Wi-Fi to create a local account. To get rounded corners, you need to install the graphics driver, otherwise it will show the sharp corners like Windows 10.
The new OOBE screen, while it looks really good is infact way too buggy to be currently usable. Especially when trying to create a new account from within the setup screen.

Moreover, if someone is using a static IP configuration instead of DHCP in their router, they are doomed when they try to set this up because no matter what you try, you can't escape the MSA sign in and if you can't connect to the internet at the OOBE, you just can't sign in...

It was somewhat a mess in Windows 10 (somewhat, because we still had option to local sign in), it got worse here with 11..
Windows Terminal is now built into Windows 11. (Finally!!!)

Would've really liked if the new PS Core (PowerShell 7) was also available pre installed
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