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It will simply be called "Windows"
I thought this was going to be radically different. But here we are with a 10X shell on top of 10...
So far,

Good things:
  • Startup Sound (finally!!!)
  • Taskbar icons in centre
  • Hover on maximize button and we get options to resize
  • Resize animations
  • Wallpapers
  • OOBE
  • Windows Ink Workspace
Worse things:
  • It's basically Windows 10X inside Windows 10. Nothing new there
  • Taskbar is compact
  • Inconsistent right click menus still exist
  • New start menu. They should have brought back Windows 7 like Start Menu, and not this Windows 10X junk
  • Static Themes. Theming engine has still not changed since the Windows 7 days, and given that we now have Dark Mode, we should have had some dynamic theming like macOS..
  • Widgets, unless we can add widgets from other apps and not let it become another News and Interests BS
  • Settings app is still the same, but many people are saying they expect a change there, so I hope that happens.
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