What is the usage of C or C++

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I will provide u good and simple c programs to learn.... Even im thinking of a programming helpline in near future :tup
without c concepts u wont be able to understand c++ concepts... u need to understand pointers and functions well....
no use.... u need concept of c .... before c++ .... u cant understand c++ directed without understanding the procedural oriented approach of c.... c++ is an object oriented progarming concept, which has advantages over c... that u can understand after knowing c....
Its better to learn C++ directly.
It will be better if you don't have any procedural language concept.
C & C++ are different in concepts itself. :c
Learn C / C++ if you wanna do some programming in embedded system.
Learn JAVA / .net if wanna do web development.
The concepts as in the logic,loops,operators,switches are the same.bt c++ has further OOP concepts which if used correctly make programing,debugging easier.bt the change in header file is a big change.
Mystic u a programer?
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