What is the usage of C or C++

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3 Nov 2010
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What is the usage Of C and C++ ?
How much day if i learning this?

Any expert here of c language .
C and c++ provides you the basic of computer programming languages.... if you take a short term course, it would take one month for each language to learn... Contact your nearest computer coaching centre or Aptech, NIIT centre for details....
If anyone wants to pursue a software career, c and c++ provides the base of the career....
I too learnt C++,C....

Its too easy.

Use #inclde<stdio.h> / <conio.h> in header files and you can use some cool keywords,if any help needed feel free to ask me. :)
c and c++ are very vast languages, what they teach in institutes is only 20% of the language... the basics....
i read and View !
First install dev c++ 9 mb software in pc.
Every program in C language Start by
# include <stdio h.>
Function if any
Program Start after Main () {

And End With Scanf()
Return 0;

Biswa Brother please confirm it is Right Step ?
i am not biswa still helping you.

first line always starts with



void main()

you can use


printf(''print your lines here'');
no brother void always use with if else or function loop not for program starting
always ; needed after the any code other wise code not working
yes a semi colon is needed always to run a keyword.
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