WHAT IS 4g !


7 Apr 2011
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What is 4G ?

4G is mean to be the fourth generation of cellular standards which is the successor to 3G and 2G service in mobile connectivity.

4G can provide you more than what you can do with 3G,unimaginable lot of features.

-First of all,4G gives you High speed Communication.

-4G provides 100 Mbit/s for mobilie communication While at moving on trains ,cars.

-4G allows 1 Gbit/s for low mobility communication for pedestrians and stationary users.

- 4G system is expected to
provide a comprehensive ,secure all-IP based mobile broadband solution.

-4G can be accessed via laptop computer through wireless modems, smartphones, and other mobile devices.

-Facilities such as ultra-broadband Internet access.

- IP telephony, gaming services, and streamed multimedia may be provided to users.

I hope this information may make you to know something about 4G .

When will 4G be available in India?

Already 3G launch took more delay,and its in installation base.4G is expected to be launched in India by next year.
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4G Speeds Way to HD Video Streams

Remember when camera phones started taking video? You could send 15-second films to friends. Not live. And not an option for business. Networks evolve, develop faster speeds, and you can do a little bit more with video. With 4G LTE, it's getting much better.
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