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Ultimate Settings Panel for Windows


29 Nov 2012
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Ultimate Settings Panel for Windows

Ultimate Settings Panel is a free program for Microsoft Windows devices that list links to a massive number of system tools and configuration items.

If you run Windows 8 or newer, you know that Microsoft uses a two-tiered approach to settings currently. There is the classic Control Panel, and the new Settings application.

While Microsoft announced years ago that it wanted to move all Control Panel items to Settings, this has not happened yet in the latest Windows 10 version.

This means that users have to juggle between the two tools to configure and manage Windows. But even if you run Windows 7, you will find that the Control Panel is not a one-stop for all administrative tools as there are numerous tools available that you can only access manually.

Ultimate Settings Panel


Ultimate Settings Panel has been designed to provide you with links to the majority of tools and configuration items on Windows.

So, instead of juggling between various programs and the command line, you may use it to launch tools rather quickly.
Note: The application requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or higher. Also, you are asked to enter an email address and name before the download becomes available.

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