Ten of the Weirdest Trees in the World


2 May 2011
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As it is pretty evident from all the campaigns that focus on saving trees, they are a very important part of our atmosphere as well as our environment! Mathew Fox once said and I quote here that if you look closely at a tree than you will notice knobs and dead branches, along with green branches and leaves, just like our bodies. What we learn is that beauty and imperfections go together wonderfully!

It just teaches us something about life and that is what trees are all about. I personally adore nature and greenery and while surfing the net, I came across these weird but beautiful trees. So in this article I will be sharing some trees from all over the world that are simply gorgeous!


Axel Erlandson has a passion for sculpturing tress and this is what inspired him to open up a horticulture exhibit in 1947 located in Santa Cruz. This particular talent is known as Arbor Sculpture! He created many master pieces for example the Circus Tree which attracted a lot of attention from around the world! He used the technique to graft various living plants together to make up the structure. One particular structure that is quite famous is the Basket tree for which he had grafted sycamores together in 42 different connections. It is these connections that gave it the basket shape!


This is one of the largest cashew trees in the whole world! As is evident from the picture, it looks more like a giant root than a tree or perhaps more like a bush, but it is a tree in fact and covers an area of about 8500 square meters itself! It is measured about 300 into 300 which makes it a mighty large tree. This is why it is not surprising that it bears an average of 8000 fruit every year! No picture can do justice to the enormity of this plant but you can have a clear idea!


I do not know whether you may feel this or not but looking at the picture of this tree I felt weird sense nostalgia. The fact that this particular stands alone in the middle of a desert and because of the desert, the tree hardly has any water available! I think that is sad, but it continues to stand! It is amazing how nature teaches us so much about life. This tree is known the Tree of Life and it is location in Bahrain! The tree is like four centuries old! So many of the local people believe that this was the location of the Garden of Eden!


If I ever wanted to build myself a tree house and live in it, this is exactly how I would want it to be like. Looking at this tree bought back so many memories from my childhood simply because there was this book series called “The Faraway Tree” and it was about this magical tree in the middle of the forest. People lived in this tree and its top reached the clouds. This is like the real life depiction of that tree I read about when I was a child! Chapel tree as it is called, is one of the most famous trees in France! It is called so because in the year 1669, when it was decided that a chapel would be build in this tree that was made hollow due to a lightning bolt! Most parts of the tree are now dead but it continues to live on as a symbol!


You might not agree with me but I think Baobab is one of the most adorable names that can be given to trees. Coming back to the point, due to the characteristic shape of Baobab it is one of the most charismatic trees in the whole world! The tree that you see in picture is known as the Teapot Baobab due to its shape. The trees do not normally have leaves for the main part of a year and their trunk is so thick that it actually seems bloated! The interesting thing is that these huge trunks have the ability to store water and they are fire resistant! The trunks of some of these trees grow so thick that people actually go ahead and reside inside them! I think that is cute!


Located in the Giant Forest of the National Park in United States, this tree that is known as the German Sherman (funnily enough considering that it is in the US) is more than 250 feet tall and is like 2500 years old! The largest branch of this tree was broken in 2006 but that did not change the title of the tree as the largest tree in the world! The circumference of the base of the tree trunk is an amazing 102 feet! Seeing is believing in this case!


The temple of Ta Prohm or which is also known as the Jungle temple has the most astonishing trees growing there and that too in the weirdest way which is highly unbelievable! The place is now known as Angkor Archeological Park and apparently it was left on its own for hundreds of years and what you see in the picture, is how the temple handled the loneliness (absolutely no pun intended). Their roots coil up like snakes and it seems as if the trees are spreading their skirts on the grounds! The sight is mesmerizing!


This particular tree is the most famous tree of Mexico and it is located near Oaxaca city. This is neither the oldest nor the largest tree in the world but the base trunk of the tree measures an astounding 164 feet. The tree is a part of the whole family of ancient trees that grow there!


The Dragon tree is known with this weird name because of a long and ancient tale that is related to Hercules and his quests. The tree is more than 1500 years old and when cut; it oozes out a red sap which the superstitious call the blood of Hercules! You are free to believe whatever you want but this is not doubt that the tree is a sight to behold and is located in Tenerife.


This is one tree that is not interesting or well-known because of its looks but because of its history! This tree is known to have been a living dinosaur and it was extinct. It was later discovered in the year 1994 and efforts are made to preserve it! It is also called the crown jewel of the botanical world because it was previously known only from a 120 million year old fossil!
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