Samsung's series 5 ultrabooks hit India


12 Jan 2012
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Samsung's series 5 ultrabooks hit India


NEW DELHI: Samsung has joined the ultrabook bandwagon in India. The company has launched two ultrabooks - one with 13.3 inch screen size and another with 14 inch - belonging to its Series 5 laptops in Indian market. While both sport a slick design and are built using aluminium and carbon fiber, the model with 14 inches screen is particularly noteworthy as it packs in one terabyte harddisk and a DVD drive in its sleek frame.

Both ultrabooks are powered by Intel core i5 2467M CPU. The smaller model has 4GB RAM while the one with 14-inch screen has 6GB. The MRP is Rs 48,990 for 13-inch ultrabook and Rs 54,390 for 14-inch model. The 13-inch model weighs around 1.42kg. The 14-inch model weighs around 1.84kg. Both ultrabooks have a screen resolution of 1366x768 pixels. The 13-inch model relies on Intel's integrated graphics chip. The 14-inch model comes with Radeon HD7550, an entry-level graphics chip from AMD.

Most ultrabooks in the market use an SSD for storage. But Samsung has relied on traditional hard disk. To make sure that performance doesn't suffer much due to it, the company has utilized Intel's iSSD (integrated SSD) technology by embedding 16GB flash storage within the ultrabooks.

For consumers, it's a mixed bag. They get lot more storage space but lose out on some speed advantage. SSDs are much faster and consume less battery. They are also expensive. The high price is one reason why all companies in India offers ultrabooks with 256GB or less storage. Samsung said that it would offer ultrabooks with SSD in near future.

"The Series 5 ultrabooks are a true showcase of Samsung's capability to innovate and bring to life products that are designed keeping in mind the requirements of our consumers," said Ranjit Yadav, Samsung's country head for mobile & IT. He added that the company is also launching a movie streaming service that will offer buyers of Samsung laptops a steady supply of video content.

Ultrabook, a term coined by Intel last year, is a different type of laptop. Unlike other laptops, it has a slim and appealing design, offers better battery performance, is lightweight and is portable. A few months back, analysts at iSupply claimed that ultrabooks will account for nearly 40% of all laptops by 2015.

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