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Samsung launches QLED TVs, to hit India by May


21 Jun 2013
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Samsung Electronics launched four models of its QLED premium televisions for global markets, some of which will be available in India beginning May.

The South Korean technology leader which dominates the premium televisions segment globally and in India, aims to capture a larger share of the premium segment of the market with the new launches. The company did not announce the prices for each model, but they're likely to be upwards of $4,000 apiece.

In India, Samsung will launch the Q8C model as the flagship, besides the Q7C. At present, it leads with a 30% share of the TV market in the country while has taken up 60% share of the premium segment and 47% of the 60-inch and above categories.

"We will also launch a connected TV for the India market, considering the poor network environment there," said Jungkil Lee, Vice President, Head of Global Product Management at Samsung.

He added that the connected television, which may be a UHD (ultra high definition) model, will have a mirroring solution that will be able to cast content being played on the smartphone onto the television.

With the 2017 range of televisions, first introduced in Consumer Electronics Show, the company believes it can strengthen its position in the market where Chinese players have chipped away share in the lower screen sizes.

The QLED TVs - Q7, Q8 and Q9 - will come in a few models, ranging between 49 inches and 88 inches, starting with European markets this month. To begin with, the 65 inch Q8C will be only curved, while the 55 inch Q7 will be both curved and flat. The company will also have the Q9, a flat version in 65 inch and 75 inch forms.

"The QLED televisions put the debate on picture quality to rest," HS Kim, president of visual display business for consumer electronics.

The QLED televisions come with One Connect Box that connects all other equipment like set top box, Blue Ray box and others with a single optical cable that connects into the television. It also comes with the single remote for all TV related equipment.

The QLED technology uses metal quantum dot which makes picture quality much better than
OLED , which is used primarily by global rival LG.

The company also launched Frame TV which converts the flat TV screen to a picture or art when it's off, blending in with the room surroundings. The Frame, which comes in a few colors, will be available in Europe in the next few months and globally after that. Custom frames can be made by users through the Samsung lifestyle app, which will be launched shortly.

Samsung: Samsung launches QLED TVs, to hit India by May, Telecom News, ET Telecom
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