Intel Core Ultra H and U Series Chips with AI capabilities


11 Mar 2013
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At launch, the Intel Core Ultra processors are split into two types: one that provides high performance in exchange for high power requirements and another that requires less power but provides less performance within ultrathin laptops. On the higher performance side, the H-series consists of Core Ultra 7 and 5 chips that go up to 16 cores and a 5.1GHz frequency, feature an Intel Arc GPU and have a base power range of 28W, which OEMs can configure up to 64W or 115W. The U-series, on the other hand, consists of Core Ultra 7 and 5 chips that go up to 12 cores and a 4.9GHz frequency, feature integrated graphics with the generic Intel Graphics brand and have a power range of 15W to 57W.

Intel Launches Core Ultra âMeteor Lakeâ Chips In AI PC Push Against Rivals
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