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Samsung’s 2020 Frame TV line coming to India; to be available only via Flipkart

Bapun Raz

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3 Nov 2010
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Samsung’s 2020 revision of The Frame smart TV lineup is finally on the verge of launching in India. As things stand right now, however, the release will be exclusive to Flipkart. No specific availability date has yet been attached to the new Samsung TVs and it’s equally unclear how many models from the new product family will actually be making their way to the South Asian country. Be that as it may, between last year’s models being unavailable for orders and Flipkart already putting out a new teaser page for their 2020 successors, it appears Samsung’s latest state-of-the-art TVs will be coming to India sooner rather than later.

Samsung’s 2020 Frame TV line coming to India, but only via Flipkart
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