Sad News Samsung TV Random Restart issue

Sorry to bumping this
But the 3rd PCB worked perfectly till 8:30pm tonight. I hear a sound and the tv went off permanently. Almost 9month it worked perfectly.
Now again they replaced the mother board and its 4th mother board during last 2 year. But this time I accidentally broke Plastic Body frame. Somehow it still working.
The 4th PCB also gone dead lasts for 2½ day.

I got few learning from my tv issue over the year
1. Dont buy high budget fancy tv. Its repair cost is also high.
2. The extended warrenty service available is in market is hit and miss like service. Go warrenty/Acko/jeeves all providing refurbished panel/PCB to customer and its depend on your luck how it will gonna be. For me its lasting 2 days to 9month.
3. Branded tv like Samsung/Sony/LG and other non branded Chinese tv like Acer/Vu/Hisense/thosiba/Mi/ifalcon all should be used with Voltage stabilizer especiialy samsung tv.

I already and again Registered a compalint with jeeves And I know again they will replace the PCB which may last max 1 day to 30 days and then I have to register complain and so on until my warrenty service got expired.
Sold the tv at just 2000 as later panel scalar board issue occured. It was totally misfortune that a 14000 branded TV could not live 3 years properly. After 1.3 years motherboard failure issue started. Luckily few time motherboard got replaced by Jeeves but later decided to sell the tv. One more thing I learnt from this issue

Dont buy Online exclusive model. Its resale VALUE is very less as it differ from offline product.
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