Good News OTT Players will not be regulated as Telecom Services - DoT


6 Oct 2017
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The move to remove OTT from the Telecom Bill is expected to be tabled in the winter session of the Parliament.

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Very bad move. Youths are getting destroyed. Before Sacred Games I barely knew any Hindi slangs. Even AIB's roast confused me. Nowadays I feel like I have done PhD in Maa Behen ki Gaali. Although I don't use them. I get triggered when I hear these. And almost everyone on street uses these. Than you got English content generalising C***, S*** and F***. My day doesn't complete until I finished cursing sh#t 10 times a day.
LYou are giving legal access to profanity. People will watch because human minds are trained to do forbidden things. By same logic illegal drugs needs to be legalized as we have choice whether to be addicted or not.
Good move directors now create high quality movies with unsimulated s#x scenes and directly release on ott platform to avoid censoring
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