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Kiran Visal

5 Feb 2022
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I am current user of jio postpaid and use the sim in jiofi for WFH. I am on 699 plan which comes with netflix and 100 GB. The data is not sufficient for me so I am thinking either to downgrade to 599 plan having unlimited data but no netflix or go for airtel xtreme fiber or jio fiber. I also use Airtel Xstreme dth box for linear television & OTT.
I am thinking to opt for lowest plan of 40mbps which is 400 rupees.
Please clarify below doubts:
  1. Can I pay extra 200 and get the OTTs which are present in higher plans? Does this method works?
  2. I have read the thread where barring some, most of the OTTs can be accessed especially the big ones (SonyLiv, Zee5, Hotstar) from different device. Is this still valid? I am planning the use these subscriptions from airtel hybrid box.
  3. In airtel, if someone is already user of airtel postpaid, the security deposit is waived. Is there similar policy for Jio postpaid users?
  4. Any drawback by not going for airtel xstreme fiber/bsnl ftth?
  5. Also I am inclined towards prepaid as they can be stopped by not paying the monthly charges. Or any benefits with postpaid?
1.With Rs.399 plan ( With tax - 470) + rs.200 (With tax-rs.236) =Rs.706 you can get OTT's except prime & Netflix
2. Yes. Check list of apps supported thread in Jio fiber forum.
3. Take 6 or 12 months plan then no deposit.
4.No idea bro
5. Only in Postpaid , the plan mentioned Rs.706 with OTT is available. In prepaid you have to opt higher plans to get the OTT.
5. If you dont pay bill in postpaid , Ur line will be disconnected after certain days. You have to pay nominal fine again to reactivate.
5. Also I am inclined towards prepaid as they can be stopped by not paying the monthly charges. Or any benefits with postpaid?
The benefit for prepaid JioFiber is what you already mentioned. You can stop paying and no one will call you to pay for your connection neither any fine will be levied and you can keep the device idle for a very longer period (like a year or more). Jio won't cancel the prepaid connection on their own because they have to refund the security deposit.

In case of postpaid, bill will generated after every billing cycle and whether you use the service or not, you need to pay. The only way to stop the bill generation is by canceling the connection.

With JioFiber prepaid, you need to pay Rs.1500 for ONT (router) only connection and Rs.2500 ONT + STB connection.

Unfortunately, as per the Jio sales team, new customers can only opt for JioFiber postpaid and Jio has stopped giving prepaid JioFiber connections. I don't know how much true is that.
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