OnePlus and OPPO are officially integrating

From very beginign many companies tries what Volkwagan is doing, multiple brand with same core.

Oppo , vivo , One plus was in wrong boat to move forward with become leader in 3 brands.

so ye ek din hona hi tha, Even vov will go down in some time.

Now indian trying to copy cat with IN brand/ XOLO brand/ BLACK
That's it. I'm moving to an iPhone next year.. Can't trust OnePlus by the time Oxygen OS 12 arrives...
BTW, it is just Oxygen OS that is differentiating One Plus from its sister companies. If they loose any it of that then they will not be able to compete at all after loosing that Flagship Killer status already. They are pricing their new phones rediculously now.
That would mean even slower OxygenOS updates :|
Not sure what you meant by that. Oxygen OS is available outside China only prior to this integration as well. China's OnePlus devices does carry Hydrogen OS only rite.
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