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Naagin actress Adaa Khan becomes a victim of debit card fraud

Bapun Raz

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3 Nov 2010
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Naagin actress Adaa Khan fell victim to debit card cloning and lost Rs 2 lakh. The actress was in for a shock when she received a message alert informing her that Rs 24,000 was withdrawn from her account through four transactions, followed by few more alerts.

Adaa talked to Times of India and confirmed the same. She said, "One morning a few days ago, I got an SMS alert, intimating me of a withdrawal of Rs 24,000 in four transactions. I was shocked and immediately looked for my debit card, which was in my bag. Then, I called the bank's call centre and by the time I got connected, four more withdrawals had taken place. The person at the call centre said that my card was probably cloned and I blocked it immediately. The cops also told me that this crime is becoming frequent."

She also said that her bank and the police were very supportive while dealing with her case. She said, "Both the cops and the bank were very cooperative; they are trying to resolve the issue. I had heard about cloning, but we usually take matters lightly as we feel that it's not going to happen to us. However, it can happen to anyone and one should be aware and alert. I have lost over Rs 2 lakh."

Naagin actress Adaa Khan becomes a victim of debit card fraud
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