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One of the best and most popular third-party keyboard apps SwiftKey has moved from a paid to an in-app purchase model for Android. SwiftKey v5.0 removes the one-time charge to buy the app and revenue will now be generated via paid themes within the app.

The SwiftKey Store will have over 30 themes at launch. The default theme has been changed to Nickel from Cobalt, but if you have already bought the app, you could choose to get a refund from Google or use SwiftKey’s offer of a free Premier Pack of 10 premium themes worth $4.99 for free! All users, including newcomers, can download an additional three free themes.

Previously available for $3.99, SwiftKey quickly became a popular keyboard replacement thanks to its powerful next word prediction algorithm. That will remain in the app that has become free. The move to an in-app purchase model comes as Apple opened up its iOS mobile OS for third-party keyboard makers. SwiftKey is one of the first apps to announce support for iOS 8 and as such it opens itself up to a huge new audience, which previously had no access to the app. By offering themes for a price and not the app itself, at least more iOS users are likely to check out SwiftKey, and could possibly make a purchase or two in the Store. SwiftKey could also release themes around big events or festivals, such as the football World Cup, with specialised themes, like stickers for messaging apps.

In addition, there’s a special Emoji keyboard with over 800 emojis for devices running Android 4.1 or above. SwiftKey would also predict and suggest the emoji as you type relevant words. For example, typing “burg” will pull up the burger emoji appears.

SwiftKey has responded to a favourite user demand with a dedicated number row (optional) above the alphabets for quicker typing. “We’ve added better capitalization awareness in predictions and updated our technology’s overall learning ability, which is good for everyone. For the smart multilingual folks out there, we also have good news as we’ve improved our multilingual capabilities, meaning you can now magically type in up to three languages at once with even better accuracy,” the company said in a blog post. With v5.0, SwiftKey will support 66 languages and the app gets better flow trails for easily identifying the alphabets your gesture trail has passed over.

SwiftKey app for Android goes free; moves to in-app purchase model before iOS launch - Tech2
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Check the below message from SwiftKey blog guys. Looks like a great offer.

Hi everyone,

Today, we’re kicking off a sale of theme packs in the SwiftKey Store, available on Android!

We’re marking all theme packs for SwiftKey Keyboard for Android up to 66% off (discounted from $2.99 to $0.99 in the US) in celebration of Black Friday and Cyber Monday holiday shopping. The sale will run for a limited time, so don’t forget to check out these discounted packs ASAP:

Premier pack
Pink pack
Minimal pack
Hot punch
Cool punch
Accent pack
Material Design pack

For those of you outside of the US who may not be clamoring to shop post-Thanksgiving feasts, we’ve included markdowns for you, too: theme packs for users outside of the US will be discounted from 50% off (specific pricing varies – see below for details).

Happy shopping!


India: Packs discounted from ₹179 to ₹49


Swiftkey, one of the best keyboard applications in Google Play, is being directly integrated into the OnePlus One smartphone through a software update. So, instead of downloading the application from Google Play, all one needs to do is select the Swiftkey keyboard from the language and input settings in the phone.

According to OnePlus, while the fresh units of the OnePlus One will come with Swiftkey pre-installed, the existing handsets will need to be upgraded to the latest version of CyanogenMod 11S to get Swiftkey as a system app. Swiftkey brings a host of smart typing features like swipe input support, intuitive word prediction as well as support for eighty one languages.


“We want OnePlus customers to enjoy all the fun of faster, easier typing from a keyboard that learns from them. It’s our mission to make it easier for everyone to type and communicate on mobile, and we’re proud to partner with an industry disruptor to bring our innovative smart keyboard to more people around the world,” said Eric Collins, SwiftKey’s head of distribution.

This might be a good news for Swiftkey fans, however it will disappoint those looking for low to zilch add-on features on the One. Considering Swiftkey can be downloaded from the Google Play for free, the system software update adds little value for most.

OnePlus One gets Swiftkey integration in latest software update
OnePlus One NowReceiving CM11S 05QOTA Update WithSwiftKey and MaxxAudio


OnePlus has finally started rolling out th
CM11S 05Q update to One users over-
the-air (OTA) with several improvements
and promised features. The update is
based on Android 4.4.4 KitKat OS also
brings the much-awaited SwiftKey and
the MaxxAudio by Waves integration.
"SwiftKey and MaxxAudio by Waves,
which have always been a OnePlus
staffer favourites when it comes to
keyboards and sound performance, are
now an integrated to the OnePlus
experience with this update," said the
OnePlus blog post.

As announced earlier this month, the
SwiftKey keyboard with the latest update
has brought typing support for 81
languages besides other features like
SwiftKey Flow, multiple themes and
layouts. Users now have the option to
switch back to smartphone's default
keyboard and deactivate the SwiftKey
app if in case they don't like it. The app
however, will be switched off by default
once the update is completed. Users
would have to navigate through their
handset settings to activate the third-
party keyboard in both the Language
and Input menus.

As for the MaxxAudio integration,
OnePlus as announced in December last
year, has integrated MaxxAudio directly
into the phone's AudioFX equaliser. The
service has been custom-tuned for the
OnePlus One's speakers and the
company's Silver Bullet and JBL E1+
headphones. Users now get 10 different
equalizer presets, ranging from classical
music to jazz, heavy metal and hip hop.
The CM11S 05Q update also brings
improvements to BlueDroid, updated
configuration for NFC, updated media
codecs and several security bug fixes.

Under the camera section of the One
smartphone, the CM11S 05Q OTA updat
now brings a total of three video focus
options: auto, continuous, and infinity.
Other inclusions are regulatory
information, audio output latency
optimization, LED overlays, and an ANT+
library. The update also improves the
translation in Apollo, CMAccount and in
the whole system in general.

Interestingly, some features have also
been removed after the OnePlus' latest
update. The firm now has removed some
key layouts which were hardly used,
"non-existent" ringtones, unused strings
in CMAccount, and the option for a silen
alarm ringtone. Changes in the dialler,
clock and gallery apps has also been
made. The full changelog can be seen o
the OnePlus blog post.

With the Android 4.4.4 KitKat-based
CM11S 05Q update now rolling out, the
next update by OnePlus is expected to be
the recently introduced OxygenOS, a
custom ROM based on Android 5.0
Lollipop. The CM12S build for the
OnePlus One has also entered final
testing, and should be rolled out soon.
OnePlus One users in India are unlikely t
receive the CM11S 05Q update over-the-
air, with Cyanogen in December
confirming that OnePlus One owners wh
bought the handset in India will no
longer receive OTA updates. To bypass
this limitation however, users can
download ( via Android Police) the signe
OTA update in the form of a zip file, and
apply it using the stock Recovery option
which needs to be enabled via Developer
options > Advanced reboot. Those with
rooted OnePlus One smartphones or with
custom recovery enabled will also be abl
to install the update via the zip file.

OnePlus One Now Receiving CM11S 05Q OTA Update With SwiftKey and MaxxAudio | NDTV Gadgets
RE: OnePlus One NowReceiving CM11S 05QOTA Update WithSwiftKey and MaxxAudio

Waiting for OnePlus Two
RE: OnePlus One NowReceiving CM11S 05QOTA Update WithSwiftKey and MaxxAudio

Me updated it Manually in 7 am :D so no waiting for me
The company behind popular keyboard app SwiftKey has announced a new hub for experimental software projects, dubbed SwiftKey Greenhouse. Greenhouse is designed to showcase work-in-progress ideas from the SwiftKey team, which may or may not end up seeing a wider release. The idea, the firm says, is to plant experiments here and see what they grow into — hence the "Greenhouse" metaphor.

The first SwiftKey Greenhouse project is a new type of intelligent keyboard for Android — Clarity keyboard. Building on the technology behind the regular SwiftKey app, the Clarity beta release introduces multi-word autocorrect, which takes into account the context of what you type to retroactively correct your typing. For example, "I will do this on the future," would be corrected to "I will do this in the future," even though there are spelling errors.

Autocorrections can also be quickly undone with a tap of the backspace key, and you can quickly swipe from the shift or symbols key to access caps or special characters.

SwiftKey's Clarity keyboard is available to beta test now at swiftkey.com/en/greenhouse, as the first in what could be a series of experiments. It sounds like an idea with huge potential, but bear in mind it's still in the early testing stages for the moment.

SwiftKey users will be able to download the latest Android update from the Google Play Store today, which offers a new Carbon default theme and the debut of the SwiftKey Hub.

The SwiftKey virtual keyboard is a popular choice for Android smartphones, and today it's rolling out a big update in the Google Play Store with a number of new features and additions, including a new default theme and a revamped settings section. Carbon is replacing Nickel as the default theme for SwiftKey Android users with this update. The company says:

Carbon's base color is inspired by the element Carbon. The theme features solid key backgrounds that seamlessly blend into the keyboard, a contrasting key font for readability, improved visibility of secondary characters, and a gentle teal color pop.

The SwiftKey Hub, which has previously been part of the Android beta version, is now available for all Android users. Here's what users can expect:

The Hub is located in a new, more convenient location to make sure all of SwiftKey's most popular settings and content (and those coming in the future) are as easy to find and use as possible. It also comes with a sleek, modern look we hope you'll really like.

The Personalize section will include SwiftKey Cloud, interesting stats about how you type, access to SwiftKey Support and social sharing options. The SwiftKey Store will now let you browse and preview themes in an easier, more intuitive way, and change your theme without ever leaving the app you're in. The Settings menu is now easier to navigate with updated visuals for each feature.
In addition, the SwiftKey update brings new adaptive keyboard layouts for the Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati, Marathi and Nepali languages.

Finally, it offers users the option to securely predict when they will need their passwords and make them available quickly, as part of SwiftKey's partnership with the Dashlane password manager company.

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