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News content on New Tab page wasn't enough, MS has now added a Notification icon. Clicking on that shows News headlines.



I've turned off news content on new tab page, but I haven't found any way to turn off that bell icon. And clicking on the Settings does nothing.

I don't see it...
I don't see it...
It is no longer appearing now when you set "Contents off" and also Settings is working now.

To enable the bell icon, you'll have to select either "Content visible" or "Content partially visible."
It’s been over a year since the first preview of Microsoft’s Edge browser on Linux, and now it’s generally available. If you were looking forward to a stable version of Edge on the open source OS, it’s finally here.

I also seen this ad

Also Microsoft Start pop up ad on new tab page


Yes I have seen some coupon related option automatically added which showing unnecessary coupon on every site.
Not only that! they've added Math Solver, Pinterest integration on Collections, Buy now pay later feature, Express checkout, Flight search, Microsoft Rewards, and now, they're adding a Price Tracking feature.

Also Microsoft earns affiliate commission. They've finally added this 👇 line.


I've also stopped using Microsoft Edge, back to Google Chrome.
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