K20 pro display replaced. Screen not getting unlocked


23 Jul 2020
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Hi All,
I broke my my Redmi K20 pro display and have replaced it.

With the broken display, all was working except the display. i.e., phone would ring on calls, vibrate, notifications would ring, battery charging did sound. So, assuming that nothing else was damaged.

After display replacement, the screen doesn't get unlocked.
Phone boots properly and asks for pattern/fingerprint. Does not recognise fingerprint and on entering the correct pattern, the screen unlocks for a micro-second and then turns black and then the purple MIUI logo shows and the screen returns to locked state.

Phone performs all functions that can be done from locked screen.

Is the new display being not recognised by the phone OS?
Any assistance would be great.

Thanks a lot in advance.
Did you get it replaced in the official service center?
if replacement done by the authorized service center than Go back to them, they will assist you further .
Did you get it replaced in the official service center?


Thanks for the reply. No I did not get it replaced from official service center.
Given the current pandemic situation, I got it replaced from a nearby phone repair center.
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