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20 Oct 2011
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On your pc go to Run and then type %temp% then enter. It will show there temporary files. Select all and delete them

It needs when our pc starts hanging freezing or any other relating problem. these are the temporary files so keep deleting all these.

After doing so you will see better pc performance then before.. These are urgent basic pre requisite for pc better health
Yes, i had done it before i use antivirus, my current anti-virus software deletes all the temp files autometically. ;)
Agreed but sometimes antivirus remains unable to perform action on some specific files attached with in built files. In that case it is only method to do that.. It is my past 5 years experience

Secondaly stop or disable useless running files except system files.. We can stop it by installing different softwares.. Really it enhances pc performance
Here all are computer geeks so all must be knowing this .............
Dear here is lot of what we know earlier.. I know lot of what is on the forum forwaded by different visitors.. I does not mean i discard that one. If i do not appreciate i too not discontent. Thanks
I disagree...there is nothing best. The best for you is what suits you.
The Best for me is TuneUp, the best for ss is quick heal pc turner. Likewise, best for you is c Cleaner.

BTW, that "%temp%" doesnt work so great in Win 7. Thats why i suggested use of TuneUp...
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