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3 Nov 2010
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The computer has invaded almost all sectors of our
lives. No place or situation today is bereft of the use
of computers. The computer technology invaded
the id*ot box in our living room some time ago with
‘ digitalization’ in the form of direct-to-home (DTH) high quality digital pictures. Now, another
computer technology has affected the id*ot box in a
new way. This technology proposes the discarding
of antennas, cable TV wires, and the DTH set top
box to bring to you television viewing through the
internet. This technology is known as the Internet Protocol
Television (IPTV) technology. IPTV delivers digital
television service through a system that delivers
broadband connection to our homes.
All channels being broadcast are encoded in a
format defined by Internet Protocol (IP). This code is then delivered to television sets through a device
that decodes the earlier encoding. The transfer of
information happens on a network. The device that
decodes and delivers the final transmission of
channels is smarter than the regular set top box.
Advantages of IPTV * It is possible to pause a live transmission through
IPTV. The viewer will no longer miss any part of
his/her programme if he/she has to attend to
urgent work.
* IPTV lets you record your favourite programmes
so that you can watch them at a time convenient to you. Furthermore, you can record multiple
programmes at the same time through IPTV.
* IPTV ensures high quality of sound and picture,
almost like when a DVD is played.
IPTV is not getting popular, because the limitation on number of channels. Also, only your broadband internet service provider can offer you their IPTV service. Is there any satisfied IPTV users here ?
I think no:p
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