GooApple Phone Revealed


7 Apr 2011
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Tired of Apple vs Android flamewars? Do you own an Android smartphone, but secretly admire the beauty of iPhones, or you are an iPhone user who lusts after the Android OS? Worry not, the GooApple phone has come to your rescue. Could it be something bigger than the Microsoft/Nokia deal? More importantly, who announced the device - Sergey Brin, Larry Page, or Steve Jobs? Well, no. Actually, hell no.

The device has come from our "lovely" neighbour. This could be confusing as we have two lovely neighbours, but since Pakistan has no interest in mobiles (as they are fond of cars - car-bombs, to be precise) the credit for GooApple phone has to go to China. Cheap iPhone clones are not new, but what makes this one is the attention paid to the minutest details. The GooApple phone is not just a clone, but a perfect replica of the iPhone 4. The build is so close to the original handset that it can use all the cases and screen protectors made for Apple's product. The onboard Android 2.2 is also so deeply customized to look like iOS 4 that you won't be able to tell the difference at first glance. This is the finest iPhone 4 copycat we've seen so far.
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