Thinking about purchasing a 5G phone

New pixels have hideous design with that camera bump imo, otherwise they would have been good. Won't buy it even if being offered under 20k.

Thank you for all the replies everyone. I will probably choose iPhone, the question now is 12 or 13. That will check in real world by visiting store. Thanks again.
Camera bump nullifies once you put on good case.
IOS Is Like - Girl Friend - Costly Maintenance And Always Need To Be Careful,,

Android Is Like - Wife - Nominal Maintenance And Long Lasting


iOS is like Girlfriend, you can expect pampering and love always. You will feel heaven.

Android is like Wife. I mean WIFE. Dot.
As an iPhone 12 user for 28+ months, the battery has degraded over the 2nd year and quite substantially over the last few months.

5G also decreases the battery more rapidly.

iPhone 13 and above have better batteries and modem and it is more power efficient as well. So iPhone 13 or above is recommended.
Android is girlfriend not wife. You can modify. You can get as per your liking. There are several options to choose from. She is also willing to co-operate and experiment. You don't get similiar flexibility with your wife that is iOS. You gotta do stuff as per her wish. Also you can replace it for cheap if it's broken. Good luck with iOS on that.
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