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Google has pushed out the much awaited Gmail 4.2.1 app for the Android devices that brings the pinch-to-zoom feature.

Google has released an update for the Gmail app for the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich running devices. With new set of features, the Gmail App update brings pinch-to-zoom function. The Gmail 4.2.1 app is being made available only to the devices running Android 4.0 ICS which sums up to about 27.5 per cent of the total Android users as noted by Google.


Avid Android OS based device users have always dreamt and demanded the pinch-to-zoom feature in the Android app. Finally that feature is made available only to the select number of devices running Android 4.0 ICS or higher. However, the new Gmail 4.2.1 app update does not enable pinch-to-zoom by default.


The new Gmail 4.2.1 app brings capability to auto-fit messages as per the screen size and enabling this function will let you zoom on the content by pinch gesture on the screen. Apart from this gesture, the Gmail 4.2.1 update also brings swipe to delete or archive a particular email message. That literally saves one tap every time you want to archive or delete single message.


Emails with large photos will now show large previews and the photo attachments will be shown as the gallery view. Users will be able to attach photos as well as videos within Gmail app itself. The update also brings several bug fixes and number of under the hood improvement.


Get the Gmail app for the Android 4.0 ICS running device from the Google Play store.

New Gmail app for ICS arrives with pinch-to-zoom feature

Gmail's app for Android may get ads after the latest update. An application package file (APK) teardown report of the app's latest 4.6 version by tech website Android Police has revealed that a new library called 'Ads' has been added and users can save their preferred ads as messages.

Gmail, which had remained ad-free until now in mobile apps, is rolling out this new feature along with the latest capability. The web version of the free email service already features ads, and now this would come to the Android app version as well.

The latest update for Gmail came out a few days back along with the updates for some other apps as well. Though no mention was made by Gmail about the ads feature, a closer examination of the new update brought forth the revelation.

The new update also brings in a cleaner design for conversation view and a number of tweaks such as checkmarks for selecting multiple messages. There are other features such as reminders for users in case there is an unsent mail in the drafts section.

It is not yet certain as to when Google would actually introduce ads via its app.

Advertising forms a bulk of earnings for Google; the company's total advertising revenue in April-June quarter stood at $12 billion, accounting for approximately 85% of its total revenue for the period. Online marketing research firm eMarketer has estimated that 33% of global online ad revenues for 2013 will be spent on Google networks. It also said that Google will take up around 53% of total mobile advertising revenue for 2013.

Gmail Android app may have ads soon - The Times of India
Google is planning to release a new Gmail app
for Android, which will sport a redesigned user
interface on the lines of the new material
design language for Android Lollipop.
Reportedly, this app will be rechristened Gmail
5 for Android, and one of the new features will
be added support for Microsoft Exchange
accounts and Yahoo mail.
Android is notorious for the fact that users
need to use a different email app for different
types of accounts. Google bundles its Gmail
app and a separate email app which works
with other types of accounts. Exchange
accounts are popular with many organisations,
and Yahoo mail before Gmail became popular
was arguably the most popular consumer email
With addition of Exchange and Yahoo mail
support on Gmail, users will have a single point
of entry to their mail. Currently, we don't know
what will become of the standard email app
that is made by Google.
On the iPhone, users are able to use the stock
mail app for all their mails, the same is not
true on Android. A Gmail app with support for
Exchange and Yahoo accounts will achieve
New Gmail app to add support for Exchange and Yahoo accounts
Google has made it much easier to see see contact information, recent conversations, and more in the latest update to Gmail for Android.

The latest update to the Gmail app for Android, which is rolling out now, makes viewing contact information, finding recent conversations, and more much easier. A single tap on the users avatar will now bring up all of this information, where as you previously had to search in various places for it all.

The full changelog for this update includes:

Tapping on people's avatars now lets you see recent conversations, contact info, and more.

Support for non-Gmail addresses (IMAP) is now more reliable and adding additional accounts is a smoother experience.
It may take a day or two before the update shows up for you. You can download the Gmail app for Android for free from Google Play.

Source: +Gmail
Google just announced in its app updates
blog that Microsoft Exchange support is coming to the Android Gmail app. Gmail currently allowed Yahoo mail, Outlook and other email service providers through IMAP or POP protocols. Microsoft Exchange was supported by Gmail, but only on Nexus devices. This update announces a gradual roll out over three days to all Android devices using the Gmail app.

Exchange is Microsoft’s business email service. This update allows users to have their personal accounts and business accounts inside one app. The Gmail app also supports syncing of mail, contacts and calendar data with Exchange. To add the Exchange account in Gmail, go to settings, then navigate to Add Account, and choose Exchange from the list of available options. After that, enter the login details and the device should be good to go.

The timing of the announcement is suspiciously close on the heels of both Google, and Microsoft agreeing to drop regulatory complaints against each other. Those using Gmail on Apple devices, will not have the feature.

Android Gmail app now supports Microsoft Exchange on all devices Tech2 Mobile
Google has updated its Gmail app on Android and the new update brings along more app shortcuts to the app on Android 7.1 Nougat and later versions. Apart from the app shortcuts, the search giant has also added support for Exchange Tasks to the email client on Android.

Prior to this update, there was just one app shortcut available that allowed users to compose a new mail message, as pointed out in a report by 9to5Google. Even though this shortcut still exists, now it is accompanied by shortcuts for up to three email accounts. The app shortcuts can be dragged to the homescreen and therefore make it easier to gain access to different mail accounts.

As per the report, the order of the accounts is determined by the last three accounts that you interacted with inside the app.

Coming to the second addition to the app, the search giant has added the support for Exchange Tasks inside the Gmail app with the latest app update. "This new feature synchronizes your tasks with Exchange so you can always stay on top of your task list, even when you're on the go. You can create a task, edit its date or priority, and flag an email as a to-do for later response," Google said in its blog post.

The company says that the Gmail app on Android is enterprise ready and can be deployed securely.

"With a unified tasks list, we've made it easy for you to focus on your important tasks and check things off the list once you're done. The simple swipe to mark as complete can be just as rewarding," the search giant added.

The Gmail app update for Android is already rolling out and is available from the Google Play store.

Gmail Android Gets New App Shortcuts, Support for Exchange Tasks | NDTV
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