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Good News Bought the Samsung S9 Plus(Coral Blue)


24 May 2015
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I recently purchased the S9 Plus and it wasn't even in my wishlist before few days,I was willing to buy the One Plus 6T but felt disappointed with the overall device,so decided to go for S9 Plus and got it for 41K after all offers and exchanges(earlier used One Plus 3T)

Display : One of the best hands down,I have compared it with One Plus 6T and Iphone XS Max and it is better than both,plus those curves make the device look just so beautiful no complaints here.

Built : Same as the S8 Plus,but still overall it looks like a really expensive device and yes it it,so justifies the price,has glass at the back so happy with the built.

Battery : This is the only area I am disappointed,just 3500 mah battery capacity and it drains pretty quickly on games like PUBG,Asphalt 9, and earlier I was using Dash Charge so I am addicted to those high speeds,but S9 Plus just supports QC 2.0 so charging feels really slow and it takes about just over 1 hr 40 mins to completely charge the phone from 0 to 100%,Samsung should have atleast included QC 3.0.

Cameras : Lots and Lots of modes are provided to enhance the camera performance like portrait ,pro mode, selfie focus, food and many more,plus they have added AR Emoji that is replica of Animoji from Apple,but it is really bad,all people look like same character,they should improve it,the cameras have another feature,on taking any potrait shot on rear camera you can adjust the background blur even after taking the picture and you can also change the same picture to wide angle shot.
Low light performance is great and the variable aperture acts as a useful feature,not just a gimmick,Super Slow Mo is cool to have but limited to just few seconds, video recording is Ok but colors little over saturated(I personally like it this way)

Would be posting the images once I get back home from Office :)

Performance : Indian variant comes with Exynos 9810 SOC and Mali GPU,as such Mali is not considered good for gaming comparing to Adreno that comes with Snapdragon devices but ,For gaming I have played PUBG and Asphalt 9 and both work super smooth,I play PUBG on HDR(Ultra) and yes it works fine, but the phone tends to heat after few minutes of game play, I guess it is normal for any phone to heat with those high graphic settings, and in case of applications it is quick to open almost all applications and haven't faced any lags till now.

UI/Software : Yes it is not as stock or Oxygen but still after using Oxygen OS before, I am even happy using Samsung Experience 9.0, it has few flaunting features like the Edge Lighting,Dolby Atmos Audio,great gestures,and much more

Audio : Having stereo speakers,it is on of the best sound I have heard on any Smartphone,and the sound output through the headphone jack is amazing and on enabling Dolby Atmos you'll really find a good difference in sound(I use it with Poweramp and Amazon Music).

Security : You can unlock your phone in 4 ways :
Iris : Slow but accurate
Face : Really Fast
Fingerprint at the back : Again it's super fast
Face+Iris : Slow but really secure

Android Updates : When I got the phone it was on October Security Patch Update so means Samsung is providing updates,but still no sign of Android Pie,maybe it'll come near by the launch of Galaxy S10.

Overall : I got this phone at 41K and I am really happy with overall device,leaving aside the battery everything is premium and that display alone is a reason to show off with the edge lighting on for Notifications,Camera's are excellent,Audio is amazing and Samsung UI has tons of small features that any one would love to have.

I'll add pics in the evening
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