Bitdefender Launches One-Click Cloud Storage


5 Aug 2011
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Bitdefender has launched Safebox, a storage solution that allows PCs and Android users to sync, store and share files with a single click.

Safebox gives users two Gigabytes of free cloud-based storage capacity and up to 60 Gigabytes for premium users. It allows synchronizing across PCs and Android phones, can be used from as a Web interface, and will soon be available via iPad and iPhone apps.

“Throughout the product design and beta testing, we emphasized user convenience and ease-of-use. Safebox offers a perfect solution to prevent data loss as well," said Cosmin Sandu, Product Manager, Bitdefender.

It enables to synchronize multiple folders, automatically back up files whenever they are changed, share files of any size and preserve earlier versions of backed up files. At the same time, Safebox guards the privacy of users' files by encrypting them when they are uploaded and when they are stored on the remote servers.

Source : crn
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