BIG FM Delhi launches edgy and naughty show 'Censored'

Ravi budhwar

21 Apr 2011
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92.7 BIG FM, a radio initiative of Reliance Broadcast Network, today launched one of the most edgy and naughty shows in the history of Radio titled: Censored at a glittering ceremony at Shivaji Park station of the Delhi Airport Metro Express. The show, hosted by the stylish pop star and Bollywood singer Neha Bhasin, promises to be a clutter breaker in the genre, and connects with its listeners every week night from 11 to 12 pm. The electrifying launch saw Neha Bhasin at her sensual best, revealing some of her own naughty secrets. The evening was made even more colourful by the dramatic entry of reality TV judge and host- Raghu Ram, who in his own inimitable style gave his views on love & lust.

Censored is a show that talks about the importance of love, Luck and lust in one’s life. However, its not about irresponsible sexual behavior or being promiscuous; it’s about getting lucky to find love in your life and then keeping that love forever because there is lust in it! In Censored, RJ Neha Bhasin talks about how s#x makes a relationship go around and in interesting situations like office romances, flirting with a stranger , and falling in love with your best friend! And what’s more, the best segment of the show is the censored list that she gives out which gives you tips about life’s best gift: Lust!

Neha Bhasin, host of the show Censored on 92.7 BIG FM commented “I think s#x between two consenting adults is beautiful and I think on this show I remind people that they have to keep it like that every day, every hour and every second!”

Raghu Ram at the launch of 92.7 BIG FM’s show Censored said,” I love this show censored on 92.7 Bg FM! Especially the part where Neha actually give tips on how to better the lust quotient in your life because frankly we all tend to take it.

Radio Operations head Sudha Sadhanand who was present at the launch of this new show said, “For us at 92.7 BIG FM it is very important to stay connected with our listeners by offering content which is relevant, clutter breaking and exciting. Censored is one such show which will be honest and forthright. The best part is that all of us fall in love and lust is of course part of our lives but are we comfortable talking about it decently and within context? Maybe not and here’s where we need someone from the outside to sort things out and bring it all back into our dull lives!. Neha Bhasin will do exactly that and we are sure the listeners can look forward to some very exciting times with Neha.”
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