Bigg Boss & BIG FM partnership enters into 4th year


8 Jun 2011
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BIG FM helps build the show both on air and on ground with the various theme based shows and activities

The partnership between 92.7 BIG FM and reality show Bigg Boss Season 5 on COLORS marks the 4th year of alliance between the two media brands, showcasing excellent business synergies and audience overlap. The partnership allows 92.7 BIG FM to showcase gossip, trivia, exclusive interviews, eliminated contestants bytes and more exclusively on the radio station.

In line with the partnership and inspired by hosts of Bigg Boss 5 Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt, 92.7 BIG FM had launched a new segment “Double Vaat” which will involve callers engaging in a juicy and gossip conversation about someone they are associated with. The RJ will then call the person spoken about and reveal what the first person had to say about them. If the 2nd person reciprocates with a parallel tale of juicy information about the former then it qualifies as ‘Double Vaat’. This segment promises to bring out excitement and highly engaging user generated content.

Ensuring a holistic approach to the partnership, 92.7 BIG FM is also hosting a series of on ground promotions, a recent one including an activity at popular malls in Mumbai & Delhi, where 92.7 BIG FM got 5 of its RJs trapped in a glass house inside which they were challenged to perform various tasks. Based on the performance of the tasks RJs were eliminated just like how it happens in the Bigg Boss House. The activation received enormous public response as it had the excellent combination of their favorite jocks on radio and their favorite reality program on television.

Soumen Ghosh Choudhary, Business Head 92.7 BIG FM said, “92.7 BIG FM as a brand has always been associated with engaging formats and events. Bigg Boss is a unique combination of reality and unpredictable drama and partnering with this reality show gives us an opportunity to offer excellent exclusive content to our audiences across the country. The synergies between both brands are excellent and we are happy to be coming together for its 4th season and wish the channel the very best.”

Rajesh Iyer, Associate Vice President – Marketing, COLORS, said, “We are happy to associate with 92.7 Big FM for the 4th year in a row for Bigg Boss 5. The tie-up helps build the show both on air and on ground while furthering our reach nationally. The show enjoys a loyal fan following and with the various theme based shows on 92.7 Big FM, we are positive that the audiences are going to enjoy the action.”
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