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Amazon India plans to shut down Prime Now, will be replaced by Amazon Fresh as part of the Main App

Prithi Deb

17 Apr 2019
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Amazon India's four year old grocery delivery app Prime Now — which launched as Amazon Now in 2016 — is all set to shut down, as it failed to grow in the way that Amazon had hoped. Moving forward, people will be able to order groceries, and other items like electronics with a two hour delivery, from the main Amazon app instead.

Prime Now will be replaced by Amazon Fresh, as a part of the main Amazon app. Originally introduced in August last year in India, Amazon Fresh was initially serving only select pin codes in Bengaluru. However, the company has now expanded it to six cities.

This switch was initially planned to be announced around this time of the year, but has been delayed because of the coronavirus-related lockdown in India.

Amazon India Plans to Kill Prime Now in Favour of Amazon Fresh


News Columnist
News Columnist
13 Aug 2017
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Finally. Having Prime Now didnt really make sense because it gave an impression that it was just for Prime users.
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