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Is this scheme collapse Army system of our country ??

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Wonder another 5 years of Modi reign would do to this noob's mental condition.
Slowly, the real faces of so called Desh bhakta are coming out in front of public.

After some days, they will say we will employ Agniveer as our maid if they did not get job.
And these so called Bhakths come Patriotic people will support and tell My leader gave job to our youth in their party office also shamelessly 😴😴
Nothing like that. When Govt sells govt property at throw away price in the name of disinvestment, it has brought more harm to the economy.
Whether government is corporate or any company to disinvest it's assets. Instead of creating or making anything, they are easily selling the assets that were created long ago. I'm hearing new terms in this 8 years of governance.
I'm hearing new terms in this 8 years of governance.
Exactly we came to know these eight years how to trash the good economy ex) DEMO , how to trash profit giving public sector unit into loss ex) lic disinvestment by introducing the IPO , how to trash a farming of our country ex) farmers Bill , now how to trash a strong army system ex) So Called Agnipath

Failure Failure Failure I hate this word but failure likes me by we all know who it's
It's sad that some Bhakths are supporting this scheme just because BJP invented it this is just nothing but a transforming Army system into temporary job throwing agency but so called patriotic Bhakths supporting this over National security just because of BJP 😡🤬

In a long run our country youth lost their faith in Army job coz of this 4 year contract job then we can see our so called Bhakths holding a gun in our border led by PM , HM & DM
Don't call Army a job, it's not an employment scheme. If you are capable you are being selected to serve nation. Even Agniveer is going to give permanent job to best selected after tenure.
It is only due to do away pension. Budget is there for PM security, z security for bjp leaders, PM's foreign tours, other schemes which are not needed for the country but not for Country's security.
Now you have problem with securities too? Did you forget what happened when AAP govt take away security from ViP?
And, PM's foreign tour are not for his entertainment but to built a diplomatic relations with nations. Although, you'll not agree on this but under PM Modi our foreign relations have built very strong that even US think twice before commenting.
Please, elaborate which scheme you found useless?
A Govt. servant's duty is to implement the order of the Govt. They can't oppose it, it is there in the Govt servant conduct rule.Even judiciary can't.

But a lay man can protest against any law/order.

Other State Govt.s other than bjp are opposing it.
Again I'm telling you, Army personnel is not a govt servent, did you even know their is no role of govt while they are facing court marshal, transfer, selection, others.
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