4Sync A Very Special Dropbox Alternative


2 May 2011
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The service is useful and supports all popular operating systems, desktops and mobile devices.

4Sync is absolutely safe and you can store files with no fear to lose them. Each user can recover data anywhere, using the concept of cloud computing. Using 4Sync can be ideal for those people who work with several devices (computer, tablet or smartphone at work, at home etc.).
This way the file will be available within all the devices simultaneously. 4sync can be used instead of flash-drives, DVD-s and other data carriers.

It is quite simple to create a 4Sync account, and I prepared a step-by-step tutorial with all necessarily info to start using the service.
1)1st Step: Access the 4sync.com website, click on Sign Up and fill out the fields with the e-mail address and password, register and click on the blue Sign Up button. You will be redirected to the Verify email page.
2)2nd Step: To access your account you’ll have to verify your account. A confirmation letter with instructions will be send to your email. Click on the confirmation link.
3)3rd Step: In the opened window click on the configurations icon, click on the option language and select the language you speak.
4)4th Step: When the website is translated, click on the My 4sync option.
5)5th Step: Here you have all the options of the 4Sync account. As you can see the software interface is quite simple and practically intuitive.
Sharing a file: To send a file click the Upload tab. Click on Upload files and then pick a file you want to upload. Click Open.
Upload folder: Click Upload tab and pick Upload files button to find files or folders on your computer which you want to upload. Select a folder, and it will be added to the list including all the files and folders.

Click Upload. ?hoose Stop button in the lower right corner.
As you can see 4Sync is simple, easy, quick, and offers 15GB of storage space for free.
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