12 FIR Lodged Against Laxman Johnson who put step on shiv linga


26 Mar 2012
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Mumbai : 12 FIR Lodged Against Laxman Johnson a Man Put His Foot On Shiv Linga,Shivsena Demand to police That Take Strong Action Against This Person Or They Will Do Protest against Laxman Johnson In Nation Wide ,Uploader Of Photo On Facebook A Week Before,A Mumbai Resident Converted Christian Laxman Johnson Comes In Controversy When He Uploaded His Photograph On Facebook profile , This Man Facing So Many Criticism On All Over Social Media by every Religion People,
An Unofficial Report Said That Shivsena Members Burned His House In Mumbai And he and his family members ran away leaving his house and hiding out from mumbai,Here Is One Of FIR Copy Which Lodged In Mumbai Police Station.Many more complaints has also been filed Against Him In Different Part Of India.People demanding strong action against him so that no else dare to do this kind of shameless act for hurting religion belief.Hindus are very much upset by this incident across the nation they are showing their anger on social media site like facebook and twitter
A copy of FIR/Complain Against Laxman Johnson Lodged by youth BJP



Picture with man Laxman Johnson standing on the Shiv Linga fumes devout all overindia

Mumbai: This lad from Tirumala, Tirupati, seems to be out of senses. Yes, Laxman Johnson, who claims to be working for Indian Railways, has crossed the periphery of being agnostic for the religion of others. His latest shameful act is the post on the social networking website Facebook. In the post Laxman is seen standing over the Hindus’ religious deity ‘The prestigious Shiva Linga’.
In the picture that’s been clicked inside a temple, Johnson is standing proudly on the religious deity keeping both his legs over it. His one leg is on the Shiv Linga’s platform, whereas, the other over the head. Not just this, to surpass the sarcasm, he is also wearing shoes to add to the disrespect of the Shiva and play with the sentiments of Hindu followers.
On the other hand, he claims to be the ‘Son of Jesus’ – the beloved Christians’ deity. The post has brought fumes on the social network as people are yelling their hearts out to get this man trapped soon.
Some of the posts by Facebook users also claim that he should be getting the kind of punishment that no one should even dare to do it this way.
As per Laxman’s Facebook account details, he studied from Evergreen High School and resides in Mumbai.
Sachin Kumar, who works for a private firm has posted, “His Work is as Black as he is but he doesn’t know what he is doing. He doesn’t know that Lord Shiva Loves every Human. He Loves him also otherwise how can he stand on his head?”
Another Facebook user, Irfan has written, “I think he doesn’t know what he is doing. Of-course disrespect to any religion will never be tolerated.”
People have got fumed enough that they have even claimed to kill the man.

One Abhilash Ks says, “He should be shot at site.”
On the other hand, a few of them have also claimed that the man should be spared to destiny.
Sureshrajan Srinivasan says, “In the name of shiva …. leave him … he will get back soon …. he doesnt know wat he has done ….. the biggest mistake of his life.”
The deed has come on the social forum and still the police is not taking any action on this fellow. He needs to be dealt hard, claims one Meenakshi Rangnathan on the post.
The question is not just about standing on the prestigious Shiva Linga rather the question is all about respecting each others’ religion. India indeed is one of the biggest lands where people of all casts and religion reside. This man seems to have been overdone by his rigidity and mindlessness.
Important: “The purpose of this news is just to bring the misleading act in front of the society and the responsible authorities. Hence, Bharatpress
doesn’t wish to hurt anyone’s sentiments or feelings.”

Shame on him. There are many such id*ots who need strict punishment.

Sbhopale said:
Dont accept him as socialy. Bann him for life time to jail.

That's the much needed thing.

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