Snapchat introduces audio recommendations for photos and videos

The feature is designed to enable users to find relevant Sounds that complement a Lens.

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Snapchat has unveiled two new features for its Sounds product, which allows users to add licensed song clips, excerpts from TV and movies, and their own original audio to their Snaps and Stories. The first feature is designed to enable users to find relevant Sounds that complement a Lens. This new feature allows users to tap on the Sounds icon while applying a Lens to a photo or video to access a list of relevant Sounds to add to their Snap. This feature will be rolled out globally on iOS and Android devices.

The second feature is a new tool that will enable users to create montage videos that are automatically in rhythm to the beat of audio tracks from the Sounds library. Users can select between 4-20 photos and videos from their camera roll. This feature is rolling out globally on iOS and is expected to be available on Android devices in March.

Manny Adler, the head of Music Strategy at Snap, stated that expanding the Sounds experience will make it easier and faster for Snapchatters to discover and share the music they love with friends. The new features will also provide artists with a unique opportunity to reach a valuable and engaged audience while leading fans to listen to the full song on streaming services.

Since launching Sounds in 2020, videos created with music from Sounds on Snapchat have collectively resulted in over 2.7 billion videos created and over 183 billion views. The new features will enhance the music experience for users and provide more opportunities for artists to reach a wider audience.

Snapchat has recently revealed that it has grown to over 750 million monthly active users. The company is confident that it will reach more than 1 billion people in the next two to three years, making it a major player in the social media space. The launch of these new features shows that Snapchat is committed to improving the user experience and providing more ways for people to engage with the platform.

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