Good News YouTube now started supporting 4K HDR playback on Android

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20 Jul 2014
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YouTube users on Android can finally benefit from the same high-res limit as their iOS friends, and watch videos at up to 2160p (4K) HDR. As long as the uploaded video was originally 4K or larger, and had HDR, you get both options in the quality selection pop-up in the app. This seems to be true regardless of your phone's display, so you could waste your bandwidth streaming a 2160p on a 720p display and no one will stop you or tell you it's pointless.

Video available in 2160pHDR.

Video available in 2160p.

YouTube now supports 4K HDR playback on Android
YouTube now started supporting 4K on Mobile. My Nord has 1080p screen but getting 4k option now.
Youtube supporting 4k on mobile devices. When did it start? HDR too in 4k.
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