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Indian astrophysicists spot rare merger of three jumbo black holes

A rare merging of three supermassive black holes has been spotted by a team of astrophysicists in India. They were observing the merging of two galaxies named NGC7733 and NGC 7734 in our celestial neighbourhood when they detected unusual emissions from the centre of the latter and a curious movement of a large bright clump within it, having a different velocity than that of NGC7733. Inferring that this was a separate galaxy, the scientists named it NGC7733N. There are supermassive blackholes, which are several million solar masses in size, at the centres of galaxies, and these are known as Active Galactic Nuclei. Since they “accrete“ matter, they often have a glow around them which can be observed using light spectroscopy.
"Under the National Supercomputing Mission, India has increased its capability by adding a 650-teraflops system at the National Agri-Food Biotechnology Institute (NABI) in Mohali. The system was inaugurated by the minister of state for science and technology Jitendra Singh on Tuesday. The facility has been established at the cost of ₹20 crores.
This will cater to the needs of inter-disciplinary cutting-edge research being carried out in the institute related to agriculture and nutritional biotechnology. It will also be available for scientists of NABI and Centre of Innovation and Applied Bioprocessing and will be open to collaborative work for the scientists and faculties working in neighbouring institutes and universities,” Singh said."
Link: India adds another supercomputer at Mohali under national mission
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