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25 Apr 2011
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The much awaited India’s ultra low cost Aakash tablet is finally here and is creating ripples all around. Datawind launches Ubislate 7 in India as Aakash. DataWind Ltd, the leading developer of wireless web access products and services has come up with Aakash tablet. The tablet is powered by Android 2.2 and boasts of multiple touch screen and Connexant CPU with HD video and accelerated graphics. Aakash tablet offers a web delivery platform that enables quality and interactive knowledge over the internet.

Data wind, the manufacturing company of UK introduced the tablet Aakash for the Indian market. As Suneet Singh Tuli says ‘’ This is a made-in-India product. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do this.”

Launched by the Telecom and Education Minister, Kapil Sibbal, Aakash comes loaded with unique features. As quoted by Kapil Sibbal, "The rich have access to the digital world, the poor and ordinary have been excluded. Aakash will end that digital divide."

There is definitely no other touch pad tablet or computing device anywhere near the price of Aakash tablet. Aakash tablet is a new generation device which comes with attractive features. This is one of the world cheapest tablet pc which is launched in India. This tab is made for the requirement of the users and especially for student needs.

The CEO of DataWind, Suneet Singh Tuli says ‘“The final goal is to either provide the same features at a lower cost or provide better functionality and features at the same cost." The objective of Aakash is to deliver high quality, personalized and interactive knowledge module over the internet. The tablet is a computing device that is low in cost but rich in features. The tablet is also integrated with social networking applications like facebook, twitter and with email.

This official tablet enables one to book (buy) Aakash tablet in an extremely comfortable and hassle free manner. All you need to do is to fill in the form and book your Ubislate.


Unbeatable Price:
Only Rs.2,999 for the UbiSlate
Monthly internet charges: Rs.98 / 2GB
High Quality Web Anytime & Anywhere:
Connect via GPRS or WiFi
GPRS: Embedded modem eliminates the need for external dongles and allows Internet access everywhere
WiFi: Allows fast Youtube videos at hotspots
Fast web access even on GPRS networks, across the country using DataWind’s patented acceleration technology
Web, Email, Facebook, Twitter and much much more!
Multimedia Powerhouse:
HD Quality Video
Watching movies in the palm of your hand on a 7” screen
Audio library software helps manage your full collection of songs
Applications Galore with Android 2.2:
Productivity software: Office suite
Educational software
Over 150,000 apps!
Full sized-USB port & Micro-SD slot:
Expand memory to 32GB
Use any ordinary pen-drive
Even plug-in a 3G dongle
And It’s a Phone!

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