Why <strong> instead of <b> In Html


2 May 2011
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For semantic reasons. The general meaning of <b> is "stress this,"
which we display visually as enboldened print, but in a screen reader it
is spoken more loudly. To reflect this semantic meaning we are now use
<strong>. And with CSS we can now display <strong> as, for example red
colored text rather than bold text if we wish.

Same argument goes for <i> / <em>.

(However, note that <b> and <i> are *not* deprecated and are fine to use
when we do not MEAN strong or emphasis. For example it is proper to use
<i> for the title of a magazine article, or for foreign terms. In these
cases we use italics not to suggest stress, but just because that is the
way Strunk and White tell us to format them. There is no semantic
meaning in these latter cases.)

Hope that clarifies a bit.
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