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5 Aug 2011
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Mass Downloader 3.4.7
Mass Downloader can be considered as one of the best download managers around thanks to its great features and also its fast download speeds. The application is heavier than GetRight and FlashGet but is also a lot more useful if you are looking for more than just file downloads. To begin with, it provides exciting new features like browsing of ZIP files before downloading them. This is very helpful especially if you are downloading a ZIP file and you aren’t aware of the contents of the file. There are many other features that make this downloader standout from its contemporaries. The columns in the user interface can be customized to display only those which you find useful.
It supports drag and drop of objects from Internet Explorer pages. It stretches your bandwidth consumption to its maximum capability and utilizes it to the fullest. The transfer rate of data from FTP and HTTP sites is good using Mass Downloader. It also supports SOCKS and RTSP proxies. A new feature that is added in the latest renditions of Mass Downloader includes the ability to download streaming videos. By leaving the download as a background application, you can save your system resources to be used by other applications.
Downloads can be scheduled for further use as well. You can queue up your downloads so that the next download begins the moment the previous one is complete. Click on ‘Tools | Options’ and expand the ‘Download’ branch and in that click on ‘Startup’. Here you can select the number of downloads that you want to keep active. You can have a maximum of 100 downloads running at any given time.
Another exciting feature is the ability of Mass Downloader to continue downloading of files that have been incompletely downloaded by other download managers. This is a huge advantage of using Mass Downloader. And finally, you can set priority levels to downloads. The lowest priority level is ‘Background’. This will give more priority to downloads from other sites and the ‘High’ priority level dedicates all your bandwidth to the current download.

Free Download Manager
Free Download Manager is known to be among the leading download managers around. It has a variety of features that can help you with downloads and can also add a touch of sophistication and style. The user interface is heavier than most other download managers but that makes it easier to use. Downloads can be queued and organized so that the bandwidth usage can be controlled. You can create and add sections for your downloads in order to increase the speed. FDM is said to increase the speed by up to 600 percent which is astronomical. It can revive dead broken downloads and those which have faced some sort of interruption.
A new feature added into latest renditions of Fast Download Manager is the ability to download flash videos. The videos can be pulled from Youtube, Google and other such sites. It also supports conversion of the flash videos into other formats from FLV. Besides this, it also provides cool file sharing and an upload manager.
It provides support for FTP and HTTP so that you can download full websites and huge files. BitTorrent files can also be downloaded using Free Download Manager. The accelerated download speed can make torrent downloads quicker and that makes FDM a better downloader option for your torrents as opposed to most other software.
Free Download Manager is now open source software. This means that the source code is available for users to modify and customize according to their requirements. They can also add more value to the product by introducing new features and adding to the already long list of advantages that the download manager already has. Every time you have a download running, a blue cube will appear on your screen that will display the download status. This will be placed above all other applications and occupies very little desktop space. It helps keep you updated on which files are downloading at a given time.
Security is well applied to the downloader in the form of warnings that pop up every time you download a malicious file. If a certain user has downloaded a file and has had a bad experience, then he can mark the file as unsafe so that other users do not download it as well.

Download Accelerator Plus 8.6x
Download Accelerator Plus is a free downloader. It is also available in premium versions which are charged and provide more features. It is considered to be among the most popular download tools on the net. It claims to have a user base of up to 145 million. It can make your downloads quick with the help of the patented technologies that have been worked on by the developers. These technologies facilitate multiple connections that help in boosting the speed with multiple entry points for your files.
The main window of DAP has many subsections that provide multiple functionalities for the downloader. It is divided into four main sections that are represented as tabs. The first tab is the ‘Downloads’ tab. As the name suggests, it handles all your downloads and displays the download progress and file status in the form of a grid. Next on is the ‘Completed downloads’ tab that enlists all the files that you have downloaded using DAP. An exciting new feature that has been added to DAP is the inclusion of an online search page in the downloader. It is basically a browser that can be used to quickly look for the files you want. It links directly to search sites that can help you look for downloadable files and then download them directly using DAP. You can download entire sites and select only the files of certain formats that can be selected by using the available filters. Finally it has this really cool FTP service that ensures that you receive your file from the exact source that you are seeking it from.
When you install the software, you are prompted to enter the e-mail address and other details. This isn’t a compulsion but if you do so then you will receive special offers from the DAP website.

FlashGet 1.9.6
FlashGet is a light, useful and very minimalist download manager that makes sure that it downloads your files efficiently rather than providing scores of unnecessary features. It is great if you are seeking just a simple downloader that doesn’t occupy too much space on your hard drive. Your files are broken down into smaller subsections so that the speed of downloads is increased by more that 500 percent. You can make the most of this especially if you have a very slow Internet connection, such as a dial-up connection. With the help of the Multi-server Hyper-threading Transportation technology your download files can be copied rapidly to the disk without too much of a delay caused by missing bits.

The GUI is extremely light and uses up minimum system resources. You can customize the color of various parts of the downloader like the graphs, windows, text and backgrounds. Click on ‘Tools | Options | Graph/Log’ and customize these settings to your satisfaction. It also provides with easy download scheduling so that you can arrange for certain downloads to be completed later on. It is easy to set up download rules for sites.
When you have a download in progress, you can simply minimize the application to the task bar. It runs in the background and saves CPU utilization caused because of the GUI. You can select the appropriate antivirus utility needed to check for the presence of viruses. The storage of files in the memory can be managed really well in this software. You can create category folders for different downloads so that every time you download a certain kind of file it can be stored in the respective category. For instance, if you download software then it can be stored in a category folder that you have created exclusively for folder files and if you download an MP3 track then it can be added to a music folder. You can manage download folders and create new categories by clicking on ‘Manage | New Category’. Advanced users can also create a download database that will keep them informed of the number of downloads they have made at all times.
Another useful feature is the ability of the downloader to accept and download BitTorrent files. First download the torrent files to your machine. These files need to be opened in FlashGet so that the files you are looking for can be downloaded. Once you have the ‘.torrent’ file downloaded on your system, click on ‘File | Open torrent file’. Select the file and click ‘OK’. The download will commence and you will have your torrent file on your system in a short while. It is great for users who want their downloads to be done in a simpler and less sophisticated way.

GetRight 6.3d
GetRight is a great browser that has evolved through various versions and revisions. The 6.3d is one of the latest renditions of this downloader. You will be allowed to use the file for 30 days using the trial version. It has a modest user interface that doesn’t consume a lot of system resources and it also makes sure that the downloads are efficiently completed even if there have been interruptions in the download process.
An amazing feature that highlights the specs of this browser is that it is capable of recovering downloads that have suffered from broken links and other hindrances and it also carries out some good error handling mechanisms. You can download torrent files using the downloader.]

GetRight has introduced support for BitTorrent downloads in versions 6 and above. GetRight will be set as your default BitTorrent downloader only if you have no other applications installed that perform the same action. Else you have to manually perform this action by clicking on the ‘Configure’ icon and then selecting the checkbox in the ‘BitTorrent’ section. The downloader provides a Universal Plug and Play feature that automatically configures your firewall to provide Port Forwarding. It also supports download from FTP and HTTP clients.
To increase the speed of your downloads, GetRight provides good monitoring controls for mirrors. Mirrors are additional sources that have copies of the file that you are downloading. You can search for additional mirrors using GetRight. In the configuration window, you need to click on the ‘Mirror Search’ section. Here you can look for Mirrors manually or set up an automatic search. You can also search for additional mirrors using the FTP search. To make the search for nearer mirrors easier, you can select your mirrors by clicking on ‘Mirror Options’. You can specify your location here to get linked to better mirrors and thus increase your download speeds.
The sound notifications in the user interface can also be controlled from here. Click on the ‘Interface’ and you will see an option of either modification of ‘Sounds’ and ‘Icons’. The viewing options can also be controlled here by selecting the appropriate options that you want to include into the tray icon and also the appearance of the tray icon itself.
You can automate your downloads thanks to the ‘Automatic Mode’. Here you can select how many simultaneous downloads you need to make at a time. You can also select how many open connections you want at a certain time

Source : Chip Magazine.
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