Article Vodafone to discontinue 3G services in Bengaluru and Chennai on 27th August: Report


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3 Sep 2019
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Vodafone Idea which is rapidly consolidating its network presence across the country by de-duplication of tower tenancies for its two brands is now reportedly on the verge of shutting down its 3G network in the South Indian...

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It should have shutdown 2G and become 3G and 4G only operator.
That's not possible, a large chunk of the user base of Vodafone Idea and Airtel are on 2G network. 3G has become obsolete coz the ones who want a high speed data network have moved up to 4G and the ones who wanted a basic voice network are stuck on 2G.
so 3G in between is just a waste of spectrum with suboptimal utilisation. Which is why it's best to shutdown 3G and use that liberalised spectrum for 4G.
The 2G user base will directly upgrade to 4G by skipping 3G, provided they get affordable smartphones which will be possible with the Jio Google tie up, bringing subsidised entry level Android phones which might be carrier locked.

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Although I have very little hope in VoId, I want them to survive. With 15MHz of Band1 in TN, speed may increase in TN, especially if they bring CA with Band3. But not much for KA, as they have totally just 5MHz of Band1 there. But they are even slower than a dead snail, in merging their (Voda and Idea) networks. I am still getting 5MHz Band3 in my TN Idea Sim.
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